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Due to their friendly and giving natures, those under the Aquarius zodiac sign can sometimes be taken advantage of. They also need to put aside time for themselves, and reflect on their own inner world, as focusing on others can take a lot of energy out of them. They do have a tendency to get bored easily if they are not stimulated enough by their own social lives.

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They like to be active, both mentally and physically and as such they may be filled with an anxious and nervous energy. Get the Claves Astrologicae, a card astrology oracle deck. Use the zodiac, the planets, the houses and the phases of the moon to guide you.

When it comes to love and relationships, Aquarians can be great partners - as long as they feel they are not trapped. Because they expect and need their own freedom and privacy, they are also just as giving of that freedom to their partners.

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They are rarely ever the type to get jealous or nag you repeatedly about something, rather choosing to give you your own time. You may find that some of them have difficulties in commitment - this is the aloofness and the guardedness in their personalities. Because they crave stimulation, they seem sometimes to be drawn to what is mysterious in love and relationships - looking to solve the riddle.

Once they do commit however, they tend to be very loyal, the more empathetic and vulnerable side of their characters being open to you. In love, they desire intellectual stimulation and friendship above all - and in partners they search for those that are not just lovers, but best friends too.

A relationship with someone born under the Aquarius zodiac sign can be filled with surprises; their love of life means that yours too will be fun, exciting and unusual. Aquarians, being one of the friendliest and most outgoing zodiac signs, tend to be surrounded by friends and can be quite popular. When it comes to family, feelings of camaraderie can last for a very long time with Aquarians - their belief in the wider beauty of humanity means that their feelings are not bordered by time and space.

They are the types of people who can meet up after years of distance and still feel comfortable with them, so family connections will rarely be lost with Aquarian family members. Aquarian friends will always be there for you, and even if a long time passes, they will step back into your life like no time has passed at all.

Often highly intelligent and with the ability to build connections and network, Aquarians tend to be very successful in their careers. Driven and hard working, they are an asset to have on a working team, and can forge connections between their colleagues as well, strengthening the team as a whole. This zodiac sign does really well in jobs that are humanitarian in nature, or where they can use their great empathy to help others.

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They can work on their own when needed, but they work much better in teams. Those with the Aquarius zodiac sign can make good leaders, being charismatic and friendly. They do find it hard however, to discipline others when things go wrong because of their friendliness. Labyrinthos Academy is an online tarot school that aims to bring the ancient ritual of tarot for a modern practice. Sign up now to begin your initiation ritual. You'll get an email guiding you in your first steps as a witch, wizard or mage.

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Some astrologers believe that ages affect mankind while others believe the ages correlate to the rise and fall of mighty civilizations and show cultural tendencies. It is believed that Jesus and Christianity started the Age of Pisces. Pisces astrological symbol is the fishes, and the fish is associated with the Christian faith and was used secretly by them to identify themselves. Pisces traditionally rules spirituality, compassion, sacrifice, service to others, and faith.

Aquarius rules electricity, computers, airplanes, flight, democracy, humanitarian efforts, and astrology.

Return of the Christ

The appearance of these Aquarian developments over the last few centuries is considered by many astrologers to indicate the proximity of the Aquarian age. Some astrologers believe that the New Age is experienced before the Aquarian Age arrives because of a cuspal effect or Orb of Influence. Other astrologers believe the appearance of Aquarian developments indicate the actual arrival of the Age of Aquarius and believe that we are currently experiencing it.

Aquarius is symbolized by a man carrying a jug of water and this symbol existed since ancient times.

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Jesus was educating the disciples and warning them about this crucial time in human history and preparing them for it in advance. The Age of Aquarius is all about enlightenment and represents spirituality coming together with science. It is a time in history where religion and science need to unite and create better medical innovations and medical technologies to help humanity.

There is research that our thoughts are powerful and can cause illness in the physical body, and a lot of research is being done to show the connection of emotions, meditation, and prayer on healing and physical ailments. These things are the blessings of the Aquarian Age. Esoteric Christians such as the Rosicrucians believe that the Age of Aquarius will bring human beings into real knowledge and discovery of the deeper Christian teachings which Christ spoke about in Matthew and Luke.

In the Aquarian Age, they believe that it is expected that a great spiritual teacher will come and will give the Christian religion a push in a new direction. They talk about the Christ Consciousness which will be awakened within human beings and they will realize their oneness with Christ teachings. For many people, today this is a time of questioning and people feel a sense of foreboding. The anxiety that many of us feel is related to the energy of change.

Change is hard for human beings and it takes us time to adjust. There have been so many technological and spiritual changes in the world.

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These changes took place at an alarming rate. The Aquarian Age is dawning upon us or we are already in it. Either way, this is a time for all of us to start to question our beliefs and open our minds to the teachings of Christ and the great religions. It is a time to come together as a society and help each other instead of focusing on who is right and wrong and which religion is true or false. It is a time to live the teachings that Christ taught.

He wanted us to live the life he taught, which was forgiveness, loving our fellow man, accepting others regardless of their material situation and working together in peace. That is what the Aquarian Age is all about. We should all continue to embrace this Aquarian energy and not just merely accept what we are told, but to question and to truly look at the teachings of Christ from all different perspectives.

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