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Are they meant to be supplemental to traditional astrology, or should I finally give up my first of the month and second of the month, and third of the month ritual of refreshing astrologyzone. Aubrey Bellamy for The Kind What was your first encounter with astrology? Probably YM or Seventeen. The only thing I knew about my sign was its name, Scorpio, and based on the name alone, it sounded about right. Do you research your horoscopes at all? Or are they more of a literary pursuit?

Definitely more literary. I did some initial research Google: "Virgo attributes" , but it immediately felt disingenuous, a little sour. Something I don't like about some horoscopes is when they tell the reader she is a "classic", whatever her sign is. My intention was always to write something that felt personal, but not indicting.

How do you get into the horoscope headspace when you're about to write? The headspace is definitely different. My writing is usually a little jokey and very personal, and that doesn't feel right here. I like to think about conversations I've had throughout the month, and the general themes I feel like have been plaguing the people, or the whole rest of the world. Kind of like a feelings zeitgeist? Then I distill it! Or, try to. What's the best sign? Diplomatic answer is "every sign is good and fine and beautiful," selfish answer is "Scorpio, of course!

Melissa Broder for Lenny First, some background. What was your first encounter with astrology? I got deep in the astrology game during a dark time, age 20, post-breakup from a psychedelic love relationship, smoking weed all day and night in pajamas, binge-eating fake cheese product and gummy candy, and hot glue gunning beads onto everything as a crafting project. I thought that if I could better know the underlying science behind the mysteries of the world and people, then I could better control love. I've long tried to forget astrology, since it can be a reductive way to view humanity; but like a person who flees the organized religion in which they were raised, there are elements that I cannot detach from my perception of people.

One of those is the personology of the signs. So I approach life, and my horoscopes, with the signs as a base, and then expand, intuitively, from there. If you do research, do you have any trusted sources you like to use? This month is about yoga, indoor swimming, meditating, quiet sunlit reading. Force urself to take a break from work whenever u can. That Libra Sun got u on a business tip, whether u like it or not, so it's important to balance that out with real recharging type stuff that's still light and relaxing.

Politic with a Capricorn if u can, they have hella insight this month. Play chess with a Virgo. Capitalism is wild awkward and embarrassing. Who thought that up? Must have been the most boring ass fool like "everybody take ur tokens ok are u listening? No, nerd, go away u hella boring, get a life. Coins, paper, so messy, where do I put this shit? In a bank? So I have all these pieces of paper that u told me I need to live but then it's in a building that I can't even go to after 5pm?

Sounds like a trick. Not wavy. What a joke.

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The best thing about the internet is, for a thing that's so seemingly everything, it's also hella nothing. The computer is a clumsy ape stumbling on towards pure raw energy. Technology is a midway point between physicality and pure consciousness. It's unnecessary, in fact it's barely there: metal? Pedestrian rubbish borne of a restless imagination. Pure consciousness is as old as time and vice versa, it can be accessed by closing ur eyes and breathing, abandoning ego, desire, any pretensions of intellect. The physical husks of the soul are a dime a dozen they crumble away in the ever entropic exhalation of the universe.

Gemini is not a big cocaine sign by any means but this month on the full moon, sniff a line of cocaine, have some red wine and listen to Duke Ellington, these are illusory delights, like everything else, enjoy the moments tho. Death is nothing, just another word. Transcend language, transcend death, transcend existence itself. All Language is Koan.

Music is the realest language. Play some piano, play some violin. Try to make a violin sound as beautiful as a violin can sound. Play some viola with a similar end game. Play a Cecil Taylor song on the piano. Noise is the oldest most beautiful music. Imagine total silence, it must be deafening. The blind can see, maybe even better than u or me, they already know everything is everything.

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Visualize what u can't see, furl meh? U think Stevie Wonder is really blind? I heard he was faking it. Either way the man can play a mean piano, very beautiful music. One of the greatest to ever do it. Turn ur home into an art gallery.

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Vandalize cop cars, take photos and show them in ur gallery. Hand out copies of Das Kapital at the mall. Recite Lorca to telemarketers. Snatch a fake rapper's chain. Kendrick joint on there was decent. New Kendrick go hard.

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  • Last Rihanna album was most fire tho actually. Need some new Solange too tho. New Iamsu and Ferg joints are p tite. Consider The World Fair as a broad concept. Shelter is a universal human right. Occasionally the greater nature of the ecosystem impinges on the subjectivity of human nature, tho the one springs from the other.

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    Flux is push and pull at once. Afford urself moments to go off grid, off radar. Save some of ur juice for u, ur liable to give it all away on the sample tray if u don't check urself. Simplicity is always available on ur demand, it just requires pause. Go straight thru the fields of ur mind to the river's edge, feel me?

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    Sometimes travel is languorous and lush. And that's what's known as life. Pursue happiness at ur own pace but don't be afraid to arrive too early. Everything really is everything. If u think the phrase "everything is everything" is corny then it is in fact YOU who is corny. Let go of emotions that distract u from ur ability to perform ur personally meaningful labors. Hit the Doja and handle ur fears. Sweeten up like an apple in the sun.

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    Bless up, u a truly cherishable soul. If u a female Gemini, get sassy this month. If u a male Gemini just turn up in general I guess. Naw jk the world is the world, everything is everything.

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    Literature is an invisible architecture. Do a solo show of ur paintings in an airplane hangar. Also cop the whole discography on iTunes, Apple, Tidal, Spotify, etc. Context is an element of style. Time is a medium.