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Home Zodiac Signs Taurus Man. Taurus Man. Taurus Men Sachin Tendulkar. For the Taurus men, financial stability and comforts of life are a top priority, and all they do or dream of doing are revolved around building a better future for themselves and thereby their loved ones.

Read on to have a close look at the personalities of these practical and sensible individuals.

A Taurus Men in Love Is Loyal

They have a good sense humour and are jovial. But the Taurus men often fail to see the humour when the jokes and light-hearted comments are directed at them, and as a result, feel offended. Known for being stubborn, the Taurus men rarely change their viewpoint and will not act against their will. Although all the Taurus men have this trait in abundance, some of the evolved ones know how to work around this tendency and use it to an advantage. Determined and focussed, the Taurus men have a strong desire to succeed and earn a name for themselves in the society. They may not talk about their achievements in public or be boastful, but at the same time, they will ensure that their lifestyle and material possessions do the talking.

Raising a Taurus Boy

Talking about possessions, it is observed that the Taurus men are quite possessive, and their possessiveness coupled with stubbornness makes these men sometimes too difficult to deal with, especially when it comes to relationships. Taurus native like to be in the company of the rich and influential. They will ensure maintaining their contacts, as it motivates them to keep working hard and march towards their goals. Not a big fan of change, a Taurus man prefers to fortify the existing structure rather than take the risk to build a new one.

Even if something is not good or is more of a problem, they cannot get rid of it right away. Nonetheless, you can Talk To An Astrologer to obtain practical recommendation to your personal or professional issues. The Taurus men come across as a reserved and shy lot and will not be impulsive and express their opinions without thinking through.

Taurus man

Maybe it is because they are wary of being insulted or put down. Whatever the reason may be, the fact remains that the Taurus men will take their time before voicing their opinions. Also Read Taurus Woman. Aries Horoscope. Leo Horoscope. Sagittarius Horoscope.

Taurus Man in Love & Relationships

Taurus Horoscope. It's not uncommon for a Taurus man to shower his beloved with gifts, leave a rose on her pillow every night, and spoil her with expensive dinners out. However, love has to come to him. He's not going to chase it. Taurus men really, really enjoy sex , but the problem is getting them into bed. They often sense that their strong sexual passions must be contained for them to have the serenity, tranquility, and the simple happiness they long for.

Good news for Taurus in 2019 II Lucky sign

As a result, you could never call them playboys. They are actually prone to sublimate their sexual energy and re-channel it into their career, or into what they consider a constructive and valuable piece of work. Taurus, the bull, is associated with the myth of the Minotaur and the labyrinth.

Compatibility with Other Zodiac Signs

The Minotaur is a hedonistic creature with the head of a bull and the body of a man that is trapped in an elaborate labyrinth where he waits to devour victims who are chosen from only the most beautiful men and virginal girls. Of course, Taurus men are not this extreme, but most do prefer to keep their animal natures hidden. Which means that if you're a woman who's interested in bedding a Taurus , you'll have to patiently weave your way through the "Labyrinth".

Unfortunately, as difficult as it is for Taurus men to become involved in a relationship , it's just as difficult for them to let go of a relationship when it turns sour. In fact, it can take them years to get over a particularly poignant breakup. No profile of the second sign of the zodiac is complete without a mention of beauty.

Taurus men have a deep appreciation for beauty and the arts. They have a strong aesthetic taste for physical beauty, as well as a love for the fine arts, gourmet foods, quality wines, and beautiful music. Taurus men often choose careers that will give them the high status they see as the epitome of success. It's in the business world where the normally gentle and risk averse Taurus man becomes aggressive and competitive. They enjoy the interaction and competition found in the business world.

They also have a love of the land that can propel them into careers that take them into the great outdoors. Careers in golf allow them to spend their workdays on some of the most prestigious and beautiful properties to be found, plus a position in this field allows them to hob-knob with the wealthy and influential Country Club set. However, the quiet reverence they have for the natural world can also lead them to become forest rangers or to pursue a career in conservation and wildlife. Taurus men are also quite artsy and because of their deep appreciation for music, art, fine wine, and great restaurants, you'll find many Taurus men who are involved in one of the many artistic fields.

Adjectives like dependable, loyal, and steadfast are often associated with Taurus men, and it's true they do embody these traits. However, there are other facets to a Taurus man, including the fact that he has a very artistic and epicurean nature. Sure, he can be slow, may often act a bit like the proverbial bull in the china shop and occasionally snort and scowl over things, but underneath it all he's truly a kind and gentle creature who appreciates beauty and the finer things in life.

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