December 14 2019 weekly horoscope

Venus, the planet of love and beauty, spends her time in sensitive Cancer, intensifying our perception of our relationships. EST until Wednesday morning at a. Draw strength by looking inwards to find your spirit of independence. Practice self-love on Wednesday, when charming Venus opposes responsible Saturn. Avoid emotional spending if possible. Instead, do something that helps you reach your goals, such as starting a new savings account or chipping away at a debt.

Take your can-do attitude and make plans to tie up loose ends you may have been avoiding. The Moon goes void-of-course again at a.

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EST on Thursday until Friday at p. EST, cautioning you against wasting your energy. Instead of starting new projects, or reaching out to people whom you want to collaborate with, concentrate your efforts on taking care of yourself and your more immediate needs. Communication planet Mercury moves backward through Cancer on Friday, encouraging us to delve deeper into our memories. Take the opportunity to get offline and sort through your physical photos — pick out your favorites and find a new space for them in your home.

Make time to connect with your loved ones as the Moon wanes in intuitive Pisces on Friday at p. EST through Saturday all day. On October 8th, Venus will enter Scorpio. In astrology, the planet Venus rules love and prosperity, while the sign Scorpio is associated with passion, poss. We all know about the havoc wreaked by Mercury retrograde, but what about Pluto? The dwarf planet has been retrograde since April And on October 2, it.

I believe everything there is true. Am big on Zodiac read about our birthdate on many sites. We're just like the best. The optimism, multi-talent and bluntness. You just gotaa love this Sag. For those who feel alone, like they just don't fit in, its cos u'r different. U just gotta build your esteem, find your place and like a typical Sag, raise your head up high and believe nothing can stop you. Vee Yes very normal!! I'm a big loner almost just as much as I love company.

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It's weird! Lol but embrace it!! Kitihot I feel the same way lol. I am married 52 yrs. We have lived a full adventure of travel and joy. We are part of general aviation and have flown over most of the U. S, Canada and Mexico. Our Sag - Gem. We have many similar interests and give space to our individual interests. We both feel an attraction to Asia and have traveled to China many times. We easily developed long term relationships with some lovely families who live there.

It has been an incredible ride. We are generous to a fault and have flown medical missions to the remote areas of Mexico and petted the Whales along the Pacific coast of Baja.

Pisces weekly Horoscope 17 December 2018 Wild emotions

I hope we meet the next time around. Steve Holly shit it's my birthday!!!! We're like the most jolly bunch. With that said I'm not taking away from the fact that surroundings do have so much influence in people's turnouts so if you like keeping to urself it's ok. Samantha Hi Saggitarius on the 14th Well I will have to say, this is right. I am like that. Anishta Am a sag I don't like to go anywhere n I always need someone tbe with me to go somewhere. Why is it so?? Is it because am will young?? Am Sag Do you think Leo is a good Match for Sagittarius?

Karina Hey guys! I think most of what is in the website sounds about right What career did you go with and do you like it?


I am extremely stuck and don't know what to study in my third year of college. I want to help people but also need to pay many bills. Euginia I am a Gemini born on the 4th of june and I am married to a sag born on the 14th of december, I don't mean to boast but gemini born on the 4th is sag match trust me.

Lauren I use to feel alone like i had no family now that i read this i feel i know where i belong. Elliot I felt the same way, youre not alone. Lara Born on December 14 , I feel happy all the time! I also fantasize a lot about sex, is this normal?

December 14 Zodiac - Full Horoscope Personality

I had to comment! You are so normal!! Sags like sex. Same here! And here I thought I was the only one. Kamiah Birthday December 14, Sean I am born on 14 dec and always fantasize about it too! Raj Me too, same feeling here But I'm not getting improvement in finances No matter how hard I work Is there any miracle in my life at any age that will change my life?

Jamiee I do too. A lot. So maybe it is normal I touch myself very often. U wana play a game? Sagg 14 dec Did anyone knows what girls of zodiac are good for men born on dec 14 , pls tell me. Bri Am sagg and hard working, loving and love to be happy too. Sandra Happy birthday to every one of us. Fahad Thank you and same to you.

Libby i am a Sag on the 14th!!! That is all me. Sagg 14 dec kayla what year you were born? Dec 14 B-Day I was born on December 14th. Like the other comment: I too, feel alone on this earth. Like I just don't fit it. Lizette Sadittarius and I believe that kids are the most amazing little creatures on earth that can make any heart happy! Lets luv our kittos! Aradhana I'm sag I can't concentrate on studies wat should i do!!

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  6. Qwerty I m turning 12 on 14 12 Born on [Reply] [Cancel reply]. Its really nice to have you all [Reply] [Cancel reply]. Kitihot I feel the same way lol [Reply] [Cancel reply]. Am 17 [Reply] [Cancel reply]. Lauren I use to feel alone like i had no family now that i read this i feel i know where i belong [Reply] [Cancel reply]. Elliot I felt the same way, youre not alone [Reply] [Cancel reply]. Kamiah Birthday December 14, [Reply] [Cancel reply]. Sagg 14 dec Did anyone knows what girls of zodiac are good for men born on dec 14 , pls tell me [Reply] [Cancel reply].

    Bri Am sagg and hard working, loving and love to be happy too [Reply] [Cancel reply]. Sandra Happy birthday to every one of us [Reply] [Cancel reply]. Fahad Thank you and same to you [Reply] [Cancel reply]. That is all me [Reply] [Cancel reply].