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This combination makes her extraordinary beautiful. Planet Saturn was transiting the 8th house, and that made her movies to bomb at the box-office during her initial period of career in movies. The moon dasha, started since , brought her into limelight and made her very successful. Her 4th house has Neecha Guru her 3rd and 6th lord that invariably caused breaks in her education. She will be a successful actress but nothing outstanding. She will be successful with one or two big hits in the coming years, but then she needs to be less choosy and more experimental in selecting her role.

Some call her amma mother , and some call her the hugging saint! She is attired in white but carries a colorful aura of the goddess herself.

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She is from a poor family, but is visited by the richest people. She is none other but Mata Amritanandamayi. Her palatial ashrams, invigorating educational institutes are considered one of the best, and they are spreading their wings across the globe successfully.

Mata has 3 planets viz. Moon, Saturn, and Mercury exalted in her chart, which is a divine blessing that takes an individual to great heights. Troubled relationship with father. When young, she was tortured by her father, and was not allowed to do her sadhanas. They always had fights, and in fact he threw her out of their house once. Her 9th lord is in 12th house from lagna.

From chandra lagna the 9th lord goes into 12th house. Also degree wise 9th lord goes in the 12th house. It happened so that, she got separated from her father. Palatial Ashrams. Mata has built many ashrams around the world, and she has amazing Raja Yogas for the same. The 4th lord is exalted in the 4th house, the 4th lord from Chandra lagna is exalted in the 5th house, and from Karagamsa lagna the 4th lord is in the 10th house. These wonderful combinations constitute for palaces, buildings and extraordinary property all over the world. Though born in a poor family this kind of raja yoga will make a beggar a king.

She has also built houses for the homeless, and many hospitals and educational institutions. Moreover her Saturn dasa is starting from , which will add on to her number of ashrams. Combinations for Sadhanas. From lagna, the 12th lord is in the 12th house. From Chandra lagna the 12th lord is in the 4th house, and from Karakamsa lagna the 12th house has Ketu, and also the 12th lord is exalted in the 10th house. These are few golden combinations for Sadhanas, and fortunately these dasas came very early in her life. In the Vimamsa chart the chart seen specifically for spiritual successes in life , the 5th and the 9th lord combines together in lagna…and this indeed is a rare combination.

This gives her a lot of rich and intellectual people as disciples. Saturn is for foreigners, and she has lot of them too. From moon the fifth lord is Saturn the dark lord, and Krishna is dark in color. This is a very rare combination for a person in reaching great heights spiritually.

Mata in the years to come. What has to exist, exists, no matter what way the world changes. Any science, that is applicable survives through different people, and flows from one generation to another. World has its unique way to make or break a system, and we remain just an onlooker, erased by the passage of time! It needs tremendous amount of good karma to be blessed with the boon of knowledge, money, and fame bundled in one, and Dr Deepak Chopra has it all. Born on October 22, at 3. The simple reason being his dazzling natal chart studded with Dhana Yogas and Raja Yogas.

This is a terrific combination for overall success in life, even from one lagna, and he has yogas from all the lagnas. This combination surely makes an individual a millionaire in the modern parlance. The 8th lord promises subjects like death, and 4th lord of heart, which made him popular among the Western audience.

Though he was a successful endocrinologist, he came to limelight only after he started spreading the science of Ayurveda in the West. His work on Ayurveda has made him immortal.

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It makes him a owner of huge mansions and owns variety of cars. It also makes him well educated, and very erudite in the subjects he speaks. Other interesting aspects. Venus also signifies music, dance and related arts. Some of his clients are famous pop stars. Apart from being a politician, A. Vajpayee is a poet, and also a voracious reader. He has published impressive number of books to his credits, and has been conferred Doctorate of Philosophy by the Kanpur University for his literary works.

Vajpayee got involved in active politician sine In fact he was elected as a MP in Here we analyze our Prime Minister A. Planetary influence on A. According to the classical books, the trikona lord in combination with the kendra lord, and being in angle with 11th lord and the 11th house is considered to be wonderful, and termed Raja Yoga. His 7th lord is in the 1st house with Moon, and there is a combination of 11th and 5th lord.

His 5th lord is in the 2nd house from one angle, and also in the 11th house from another angle. It can be predicted that he might get elected as a MP, but becoming a Prime Minister again is a big question mark. Other interesting combinations and predictions. Kala Chakra Dasha Analysis. Here we analyze her chart, to get an insight into her past, present and future.. Her 7th lord is in the 1st house from Lagna. From Chandra lagna the 7th lord is along with the 5th lord, which is considered to be a very powerful Raja Yoga.

And from karakamsa lagna, the 7th lord is in the 10th house along with 5th. Prediction She had a love marriage with a powerful man, and also manifestation of Raja Yoga made her destiny change immensely after her marriage. Her 2nd lord is with Ketu, with 3rd and 12th lord. From chandra lagna the 2nd lord is in the first house, and Saturn is in the 2nd house. From Karakamsa lagna, the 2nd lord is in the 9th house.

She has affliction for speech from 2 houses, hence she will always find difficulties in giving impressive speeches. Her 5th lord is in 6th house. From Chandra lagna the 4th lord is in 6th house. From karakamsa lagna the 5th lord is in the 10th house. She would have been just an ordinary student as far as education is concerned.

Also she would have had breaks in her career. From lagna the 4th lord is in the 6th house. From karkamsa lagna the 4th lord is in 9th house along with 2nd and 11th lord. She would have traveled to different countries, and also she will be born in one place and live in another place. Her 5th lord is in the 6th house from lagna, from chandra lagna the 5th lord is in the 5th house, and from karkamsa lagna the 5th lord is in the 10th house. She had children immediately after her marriage.

Her 5th lord from lagna goes into a female Nakshitira and is in a fiery sign too, which shows presence of an aggressive female child. Her Darakaraka is Mars, which is in the 6th house, and also afflicted from chandra lagna. She lost her husband very early. Her Kalachakra Dasa is of Kumbha, from which her tenth house and lord becomes very powerful. She headed the opposition, and had successive victories in state elections -nearly 14 chief ministers to her credit. The 10th lord and the lagna lord will be seen by Saturn, Jupiter sees her 10th lord and 10th house, and also aspects the lagna lord in Dhanus.

Her Mars bhukti is starting, and during this period she will have some health problems. Her 5th lord is in the 6th house, from chandra lagna the 6th and 11th lord are in the 7th house, from Karakamsa lagna the 3rd and 10th are in 11th house. She will be highly successful in this Mars period. Quite close she won the election for congress. Where will you be born? What will you be doing? And how prosperous will you be? It all depends on your destiny. Some are born with a silver spoon, while some slog to make a mark.

And still for some life is just a cakewalk! Personalities like Kumaramangalam Birla, Ratan Tata, and Ambani brothers are few people who are born with dazzling Raja Yoga in their birth charts! Technical details. The 1st lord is in the 1st house from lagna, from chandra lagna 1st lord is in the 10th house, and from karakamsha lagna the 1st lord is in the 10th house.

This combination implies a good-looking person, with fair complexion. He would love to read, and will be highly intelligent and sophisticated. The 2nd lord is in the 3rd house. The 2nd house has Jupiter and Venus combination. From Chandra lagna, the second lord is in the 11th house, and also 11th lord is in the 11th house. The 9th and the 4th lords are in the 2nd house. This combination is similar to the combination Bill Gates has, where Kendra lord combines with Trikona lord and that makes him a Multi Millionaire.

His 4th lord is in the 1st house. From chandra lagna 4th lord is in the 2nd house, and from karakamsa lagna 4th lord is in the 11th house. He would have immense love and affection for his mother, and also for other elders. Mr Kumaramangalam Birla was involved in a bitter corporate battle couple of years back, and that was when Saturn moved into his 12th house.

His 10th lord is in the 2nd house with Venus.

From chandra lagna 10th lord is in the 12th house, and from karakamsa lagna 10th lord is in the 10th house. And this happened exactly when Saturn entered his lagna. Further analysis, reveals, that Kumaramanglam Birla would have wife like Maha Lakshmi - beautiful and kind. And also there are possibilities of them having a son and a daughter. Ramana Maharishi is considered to be a saint of a very high caliber.

He was simple, and yet attracted an impressive number of disciples from across the globe. Various miracles are quoted about Ramana Maharishi, and one of them is about a cow, which used to walk miles together on its own to provide him milk everyday. Ramana hardly spoke, and people experienced bliss in his silent presence. He never moved out of Thiruvannamalai a small town in Tamil Nadu after he got enlightened. And today an ashram is set up, which guides millions of people into meditation.

The serene beauty and the pin drop silence gives us enough evidence about the presence of a great rishi in his physical form in Thiruvannamalai some years ago! Ramana Maharishi had his 10th lord in the 3rd house along with the 2nd lord.

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The above combination helped the Maharishi to come out with his book at a very young age. In fact his talks were recorded and published as books by his disciples. One of the most famous books of Ramana is Ramana Talks. He had a very powerful 10th lord, and hence his works are known even after his death. His 8th lord is in the 8th house. This shows sublimation of sexual energy and also a long life. From Lagna, Chandra lagna and Karkamsha lagna the 10th lord is in the 9th house. This shows teaching, and he became a famous spiritual teacher in a very young age.

He had 12th lord in the 4th house, and also the 4th lord is in the 6th. Even from Chandra lagna and Karakamsa lagna, his 4th house is afflicted. He was born in one place and lived in another. He lived a simple life in a cave. He had his 5th lord Venus in the 6th house. From Chandra lagna 5th lord Venus goes into Rashi Sandhi. This combination shows break in education, and also clearly shows NO signs of children.

The 11th lord Mars is in the 11th house, and from lagna the 11th lord is in the 10th house. His brother was very close to him. And in mid 90s he was already a Super Star! Efforts clubbed with Raja Yoga in the Horoscope alone takes a person to this level of name and fame, and SRK has it all. From Moon, the 1st lord is goes into the second house, and from Karakamsa lagna the first lord goes into the 4th house. And also the Venus is in the 5th house. This particular combination contributes to the good looks of SRK, and also makes him a personality who for sure will have a mass appeal.

From lagna his 10th lord goes into the 5th house. From Chandra lagna his 10th lord goes into his 12th house, and from Karakamsha lagna the 10th lord is in the 4th house. He had a great lift in his career from , and that was exactly when his Guru Dasha started. Guru is his 3rd and 12th lord placed in the 6th house from lagna. And from Karagamsna lagna Guru is 1st and the 10th lord placed in the 4th house.

Guru indeed is a powerful planet for him and the dasha invariably made his touch the sky. From lagna the 7th lord is in the 7th house, and also vakra. From Chandra lagna the 7th lord is in the 1st house, and from Karakamsha lagna the 7th lord goes into the 9th house along with 9th lord.

The above combinations show a love marriage or rather marriage with a person of individual choice. And as the navamsa has affliction, there will be lot of fights between the couple. He will have a very good and successful span in the movie industry. He will be called a legend in future! Since his time of birth is not known, we have analyzed his Moon Chart.

Moon is debilitated in his horoscope, while Jupiter Guru and Mercury Buda are exalted strongly placed. His chart has 3 planets exalted, and this itself is astrologically a very good sign for fame and success! From Karagamsa lagna the 2nd lord is along with 3rd and the 8th lord. Three planets are very strongly placed for Dr Kalam, Mercury is exalted, Venus is in its own house, and Jupiter is also exalted. His 2nd lord is in the 12th house — this shows struggle during initial part of life, and also lack of money during early life.

Joseph College, Trichi to complete his degree B. Exalted Mercury in 9th house helped him to do his degree in a very good college. The next twenty years he would have seen a huge growth in his life. Rahu in the 3rd house made him travel to lot of places. It was a turning point in his life. Good results were bestowed due to the Bhukti of exalted Guru. Mercury is exalted 9th lord.

Good results due to the continuation of the aforesaid period. A lack luster Dasha, which did not help him much, as Sun is the 8th lord from lagna. Soon afterwards his mother also passed away. Bhukti of exalted Jupiter gave good results. September Second flight of Prithvi. May 22, Agni missile launched. January 26, Dr Kalam was conferred the Padma Vibhushan. Astrological Reason - Period - Beginning of Saturn Bhukthi - the lagna lord, which astrologically is considered to confer good results. Kalam was awarded the highest civilian honor of India: The Bharatratana. If analyzed closely, we can see that only 4 planets viz.

And also the periods of Jupiter and Mercury have been a turning point in his life. The 10th lord from Lagna is in the 10th house, from Karkamsha Lagna the 10th lord is in 1st house, and from moon the 10th lord is in the 11th house along with 11th lord.

This is a terrific combination astrologically for a wonderful career graph. One must distinguish the beneficial forces from the malevolent ones and choose correctly between them. He shot to fame due to his siddhi of manifesting material things from thin air! He can produce vibhuti holy ash in spur of a moment, he can generate a gold chain just by shaking his hand, and there are incidents when he was quoted to have existed in two different places at the same time.

What made Baba a sanyasi? He has 4 planets in the same house of lagna, and this combination according to astrology is called Pravraja Yoga…meaning King among sanyasis. His lagna is so powerful that he can literally manifest anything he wants.

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Why is Baba a good Orator? Ketu in the second house helps him enormously in giving spiritual lectures and discourses. Reason for enormous land, property. From lagna his 4th lord is in the 1st house, from Karagamsha lagna the 4th lord is in the 5th house. Also Bhumi Karaka Mars is placed in the own house.

This is a Raja Yoga combination for sprawling lands and bhoomis. From lagna the 7th lord is in the 1st house. From Moon, the 7th lord is in the 8th house, and from karakamsha lagna 7th lord is in the 5th house. Jupiter is in Mars nakshatira, Venus and Sun are in same degree, Saturn is very close and also in combustion with Sun. This indeed is a very bad combination for marriage and partners. And also this special combination made him spiritual at the age of 8 itself. Saturn symbolizes yogic, and also he became popular through out the world between and , which happened to be his Saturn Dasha.

Answers for few FAQs about Baba…. Will he die? Yes, he will, in a normal way like any other human being. Will he be reincarnated? Yes the cult is so powerful that he will be more popular after the death. Will controversies put an end to Baba? He will continue to be one of the most successful spiritual leaders, and no acquisition can shake him. He will eternally live in the hearts of his followers. Once Sun Dasha starts in , he will be back into action, and there will not be any problems as far as his health is concerned. His popularity will increase once Saturn transits his 9th house.

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Satya Sai Baba is here to stay, and bless us all! Psephologists say it was because CBN ignored the rural mass, while astrologers say he underwent a bad time astrologically. The lagna lord is exalted in the 9th house. Lagna is in a fixed sign and 8th lord is in a dual sign — which shows long life. The kala hora lagna is in a fixed sign and the lagna lord in a dual sign — this combination also shows a long life. Hence it can be interpreted that Raj Sekhar Reddy will rule Andhra for a long period of time, and also will complete the full term of 5 years in office.

The strongly placed 10th lord will also help him to hold the position with authority. Future of Andhra under Raj Sekhar Reddy. The expenses will be more than income, and the government will have to face huge debts. The new CM will be able to find means to solve their problems. YSR and opposition. From lagna the 6th lord is in the 11th house, along with Mars and Venus. From chandra lagna the 6th lord is in the 2nd house, and from Karagamsa lagna the 6th lord and 11th lord are placed in the 7th house.

YSR will prove tough for his oppositions, and also gain due to his opponents. Since the 7th lord is with Venus and Mars in the 11th house, some kind of sex scandals with regard to the opposition leaders can be expected. Splitting Andhra. From lagna the 4th lord is in the 11th house, from Chandra lagna the 4th lord is with 3rd and 8th lord and 12th lord. From Karagamsa lagna the 4th lord is in the 9th house. YSR will be forced to come to a conclusion about splitting the state into two.

Telengana will look close to reality or at least the foundation will be laid very strongly. Education in the state. The 5th lord is strongly placed hence matters regarding education will see new heights. Status of the farmers. The 4th lord is strongly placed hence in Mr Reddy tenure the possibility of drought is very minimal and hence the farmer community will have a better life. Coming years for Raj Sekhar Reddy. In the months from 2nd to 7th will give some troubled time for YSR. The Bollywood star Hema Malini rocked the Hindi filmdom for nearly two decades, and is still going on well with the recent hit Bhagwan opposite Amitabh.

Her beauty is beyond comparison, and her screen presence simply excellent. No wonder she still lingers as the perfect Dream Girl among Indian minds. Hema Malini is blessed with an enchanting beauty clubbed with an amazing natal chart. Here we discuss how planets influenced her life and made her reach the peak of success…. Hema Malini was born on October 16, at Her strongly placed lagna lord makes her extraordinarily beautiful, and also successful. She was born in the hora of Jupiter, which adds up to her beauty.

She will continue to have a successful married life. She has female children due to these combinations. Her children will be intelligent, and moderately successful. It will be impossible for them to replicate the stardom her mother had acquired. From lagna 10th lord is placed in the 5th house, and from other lagnas too the 10th lord is strongly placed. She will be remembered as one of the greatest actresses of Hindi Cinema. Future of Hema Malini. Between Sept and Sept , she will have few success stories on the silver screen. The roaring tiger of Maharashtra Balasaheb Thackeray is as powerful as a King in modern terms.

He can change Bombay to Mumbai overnight, and re-christian Victoria Terminus to Chatrapathi Shivaji Terminus, without a single hand rising in protest! He holds the remote control of Maharashtra politics, and can manifest literally anything in Mumbai using the good will and support of people he has garnered in his political life. Fame, power and success could not have been possible for Balasaheb if his natal chart had failed to have the Raja Yogas, to the amount it has at present. Balasaheb Thackeray was born in Pune on Jan 23, under Makara lagna.

The 10th lord of career is well placed in the 1st house from lagna. From Chandra lagna the 10th lord is in the 5th house, and from Karakamsa lagna the 10th lord is placed in the 6th house, all these combinations forms amazing Raja Yogas for a wonderful career. Jupiter aspecting his 2nd house gives rise to nobleness and truthfulness in his speeches. Since Jupiter is a malefic planet for Makara lagna, it shows bluntness and crudeness in his words.

His 2nd lord of speech Saturn is placed in the house of Mars giving rise to violent, sarcastic, and hurtful speaking style. The 5th lord is in the first house from lagna. From Chandra lagna the 5th lord is in the 3rd house, from Karagamsa lagna the 5th lord is in the 9th house. This shows a perfect combination for successful children.

He is running the dasa of Mercury since , and at present he is running the bhukti of Venus. He will run his Sun bhukti from 29th December to 4th November This will be a difficult time as far as his health is concerned. This could even prove fatal as Sun is afflicted from all the lagnas. Prashna is another style of astrology that works perfectly 99 per cent of the time. He has Venus in the lagna, which makes him interested in music. His 4th lord is in the first house, which makes him very close to his mother. His education lord is also Venus, which bestows him with amazing Raja Yogas.

His 10th lord is in the 3rd house with Rahu which invariably shows lot of travels, and also foreign influence in his life. His 1st lord is in the 5th house. Jupiter is in the 7th house, both these combination forms a good Raja Yoga too. His 7th lord is placed well, which shows a peaceful married life.

He would have had children very quickly after his marriage, as his 5th lord of children is in the 11th house of gain. A very good combination for children again. He became very famous due to the dasa of Venus. Right now he is running the dasha of Ketu, which again is well placed in his horoscope. His recent success in foreign lands is due to Ketu dasha. He will be doing very well for the next 8 months. Later there will be some difficulties and problems in his performances. The genius touch in his music will be missing.

Of course there will be hits but nothing phenomenal. He will be remembered as an extra ordinary composer and but reaching to the level and caliber of Ilaya Raja both in technical and ruling the roost aspects is impossible. Most sportsmen have a strongly placed 3rd and 6th lords. From lagna ascendant the 10th lord of career is in the 3rd house forming a Raja Yoga luck for sports. From Chandra lagna, the 10th lord is in the 3rd house, and from Karagamsa lagna the 10th lord is in the 2nd house. Laxman and World Cup The 10th house of career has neecha ketu debilitated ketu , giving rise to troubles and obstruction in career.

Also Saturn was transiting his neecha Ketu in the 10th house, hence he was subjected to pain, anguish and humiliations as far as career is concerned. The unforgettable against Australia. Laxman hit his unforgettable against Australia in Calcutta, when he was running the dasa of Kataka in Kalachakra Dasha. Future of VVS Laxman. Will he continue to play for India in the international level?

The answer is YES. Will he do well? Yes he will do well. The yoga karaka Bhukthi of Saturn is running between 26th November and 2nd October He will be scoring a lot of runs and also centuries. He will do extremely well till the next Saturn transit ie September. There are lots of chances for him to captain the Indian team in few matches. He will surely make a mark in Indian cricket. There are few problems in this area. First of all getting the horoscope of the political parties and that of the political leaders is very difficult.

I can tell in my experience 8 out of ten horoscope used in celebrity predictions is wrong. For example finance minister p chidambram horoscope is risbaha lagna whereas it is given in the books as the mithuna lagna. India parliament elections. This time it had all the twist and turns very few astrologer got it right. Year is The USA presidential elections. This many astrologers try to predict using the trends and statistics published in the media as pspdeology. I went to one of the leading publication houses and I found that they were writing AL GORE would win due to media prediction than out of any astrological knowledge and analysis.

Election in and around India like that of Bangladesh, srilanka Pakistan etc. Elections in Africa and Russia are also gaining importance. Fall of regimes like that of saddam Hussein etc. Now I will give three examples two is of American elections and one is of Indian elections. As I have told in the previous chapters, Most of the Indian politicians and who are very successful have the following lagna. Cancer, rishaba, Scorpio, simha and in very few and rare cases makra and kumba. Many politicians who have the lagan of thula dhanus and mesha will not be successful as they are in the 6 th , 8 th , and 12 th house from the lagna of Indian independence chart.

So any one to succeed there horoscope should have the tenth lord strong and they should not be in 6 8 and 12 from country lagna. Snap shot method and it will help people in long way in determining success in mundane astrology. Second is checking their tenth lord from lagna chandra lagna and karkamsha lagna. He is one of the rare makra lagna people who shot into fame.

Also his lagna is in 9, 5 position from the Indian independence lagna. Many people do not take astrology analysis in holistic fashion and try to shoot. This is the reason for failures. If it is celebrity his tenth lord will be very strong from at least two lagna and normally he will be running a raja yoga period.

For example advani has tenth lord in neecha in 12th house. One has to question the horoscope instead of gulping it as what written in the magazines. Take the horoscope of the political leaders contesting the elections. Mark the lagna, Chandra lagna and karkamsha lagna and compare. Who ever are stronger will win.

Mark the antra and compare. Finally see the transit principle of Saturn this will help you to decide who will win the elections. You can use the coronation time of the person to the office or the coronation time of the government. Time when the person files his nominations. Time at which the party unveils its manifesto. All these timing will work. Do not take too many criterias for analysis purpose. Stick to one or two criteria, a person will be very successful with the predictions.

Do not get influenced by mass media. Normally I avoid seeing TV or papers because this helps a lot in easy predictions with out any bias. Bush stood in the US election for two times. For the George bush the tenth lord from lagna is in the second house it is trikona to first house, which is good.

For the chandra lagna the tenth lord is in third house for al gore. This is not very strong. For the George bush the tenth lord is in the 11th house with Venus 9th lord and also the Saturn who is also the 5th lord which is very powerful raja yoga and it is stronger compared to the gore chandra lagna. From karkamsha lagna of bush the tenth lord is in the seventh house and it with the 5th lord moon there fore he has stronger tenth lord in karkamsha lagna.

Karakamsa lagna is meena. Is in the 7th house with trikona lord rajayoga. This clearly shows that bush is stronger than AL gore. So surely bush is winner. Now the analysis of the dasa and bhukthi for fine-tuning the predictions. Bush was running Saturn dasa and rahu bhukthi. From karkamsha lagna it is in the 3 rd house it is very strong.

During the first election Saturn had transited over rahu. Hence there was confusion in the election during the counting of votes and the final declaration of the results. From chandra lagna the Saturn Is in 8th house negative. From karkamsha lagna the Saturn is in sixth house is negative. The tenth lord is in the first house Is good. From chandra lagna the tenth lord is in the second house good but is rasi sandhi so it acts as spoiler.

From the karkamsha lagna the tenth lord is in the 4th house but it is with the 6th lord so it becomes weak. In the second house in rasi sandhi is negative. Is in the 7th house with trikona lord raja yoga. Now let us take another example, vajpayee Vs. The dasa of mars helped him to have successful time in India politics. From lagna it is first lord dasa and from chandra lagna also it is in trikona. He lost the election during the mars dasa and moon Moon is neecha in the first house it is 9th lord.

From the lagna and moon,transit Saturn is in the eight house. For Sonia Gandhi it was the dasa of mercury with the bhukthi of mars. The mars is 5th and 10th lord in sixth house. From Chandra lagna it is 6th and 11th lord in seventh house. From karkamsha lagna the 3 rd and 10th lord in the 11th house. There fore it is slightly weak so she never became the prime minister even though she had the chance.

But her Saturn was transiting her lagna lord therefore she had better chance than vajapee. Election can commence anytime by end of April or in the month of May, and people are curious to know the outcome. Will BJP once again win the elections? The Italian born Sonia Gandhi, from the Nehru dynasty is the age-old formula of Congress, who has enough people against her due to her nationality issues. A B Vajpayee is a veteran. He has attained the dream of every politician - becoming a Prime Minister, and has the credit of being the only non-Congress PM to hold the office for the longest period.

India has Saturn as the 10th lord. Saturn is for widows. The planet Saturn gives you widowhood, and in politics most people who are old are successful, which again is due to Saturn influence. She is also running the period of Moon, which is 1st lord in the 12th house from lagna. From Chandra lagna the 2nd lord in the 1st house, and from Karakamsha lagna the 3rd lord in the second house. In Kala Chakra dasa it is the period of Taurus where in the 10th lord is in the 3rd house.

Also many planets are placed in the 6th and the 8th houses. From lagna, Moon is 9th lord in the first house, from chandra lagna and karakamsa lagna Moon is 5th lord in the 9th house. It of course is placed neecha debilitated but will give beneficial results due to its association with Venus. In Kala Chakra dasa he is running the period of Scorpio, wherein the 10th lord is placed in the 2nd house. A B Vajpayee will surely defeat Sonia Gandhi in terms of seats won and the number of people supporting him. For example when Saturn transited the natal Saturn in Kataka Mrs Indria Gandhi was thrown out of power and the Nehru dynasty was broken in the real sense.

India will undergo a major change in the political scene. It will be birth of a new star and end of an old one. Can we say that Vajpayee will be replaced due to ill health or any other factor? Yes it is possible! Before Saturn leaves Kataka the most powerful office in India will see a dramatic change. And aAlso a new order or star in the India politics in opposition possibly can be seen.

I owe a lot to words of the MR. In fact my prediction become very simple and stupendous by relying on the tajika chart of India. The next most important chart for prediction is the oath-taking chart. This chart can be used like the birth chart. If you do not have the birth chart of the leader oath-taking chart can be almost used like the birth chart. Pope benedict took over from pope john Paul the second. The oath taking mass time can be used for prediction of his entire tenure. There was a change in the leadership in CPI M , with karad taking over.

The entire future and policies of CPI M can be predicted from the taking over time. It can be read like new formation of the party. The oath taking ceremony of the chief minister and prime minister can be used to predict economy rains mass death etc. The following is the classification for the 12 houses for the analysis of the oath-taking charts. First house- the attitude personality of the leader, first days, success in projection of positive image, his plans taking off. Ability to out wit the opponents. Second house -finances of the states, his communication style, ability to get along with party colleagues, his close confidants, his ability to influence mass media.

Third house- ability to get along the party cadre, strength and courage in making decision, new policies approval, written communication in government. Inter state travel,. Fourth house- land and agriculture out put, rainfalls, educational policies, vehicle traffic in the country, ladies support, get along with the high command second ring of the leaders.

City dwelling. Fifth house- his intuition, grace of god, luck, and policies with regard to future, mass death of the children, ability to survive assassination attempts. Mass media projection. Sixth house- failures of policies due to variety of reasons, scams, high command pressure, debts and income ratio of the state, health of the leaders, failures of the economy droughts etc. Seventh house- foreign travel, opposition in the country. Success over trade negotiations. Eight house - longevity of the government, mass death, after the end of the rules, scams and problems of the state in unforeseen way.

Natural calamities. Ninth house- high command, judges, party main leaders. Dharmic way of acting. Renovation of temples, religious values and Employees of the government, law and order situations and judiciary. Tenth house - the longevity of functioning of the government. Failures and success of admistration mass appeal. Eleventh house - income of the government in different ways policies of the government, which are positive and financially rewarding.

Twelfth house — losses of government, last days of government, oath taking of the next government, expenditure and financial mismanagement. Many ask one simple question how long will the government last. The easiest method to be used is that of jamini ayurdaya. Of course, death or timing of death can be predicted through astrology and there are various techniques by which it can be done. The longevity is divided into four important phases. Balaristam — death with in the first 8 years of birth.

Alpayus - death with in 32 years. Madayu - death with in 50 years. Poorayu — death after 70 years of age. The method of Jaimini is used extensively to understand the longevity of a person. The lagna lord and the 8th lord are taken into consideration, and checked for their positions in the natal chart. For long life — both of them lagna lord and 8th lord should be in moving signs or one should be in a fixed sign and other should be in a dual sign.

For medium life - both of them should be in a dual sign or one should be in a fixed and another should be in a moving sign. For short life - both of them should be in a fixed sign or one should be in a dual sign and another should be in a moving sign. The above said method is used also for……. The best two among the 3 are taken into consideration to predict about the life span of a person. This is the method used extensively by the scribe. In fact there are 32 other methods to calculate the right life span of a person. This principle can be used to check the longevity of the new government.

The hora lagna is in the dual sign and lagna is in the moving sign. Shows that is short life. Also see the tenth lord from lagna is in the sixth house, from chandra lagna it is in the 11th house and with ketu. The lagna lord is also in the eighth house. There fore the government will not survive the full tenure. Anthony resigned on august 29 without completing his full term as chief minister.

Both Lagna and hora lagna in the oath-taking chart of oomen chandy are in fixed sign so it is short life. Next analysis of the chart shows four planets viz. Also Saturn and Venus are in graha yuda. Saturn is in the eighth house. Whenever Saturn goes into eight house there is lot of problems.

He will have better situation from July Also there will be problem till the Saturn bhukthi is over because it Is in rasi sandhi and also four planets in rasi sandhi which will not allow him to rule peacefully and also win the elections for his second term. I do not think he will even survive till the elections. If one sees the chart, the hora lagna is in the dual sign and lagna is in the fixed sign and it generally indicate a long life. Secondly He will be running the malefic Venus dasa from 21 6 till 24 11 onwards.

This from lagna is in the tenth lord and from chandra lagna 3 rd and 8th lord from karkamsha lagna the 5 th lord in 6th house. So it will be troubled time for him as a person. But he will see through this period. The lagna is that of moving sign the hora lagna is that of the fixed sign so it will be medium years this means he will rule a minimum of three year or two half years surely. Mercury dasa is till 14 3 — 1 12 This is a period where there will be tension with the opposition but he will be in position to deal with it successfully.

The 9th and 12th lord in seventh house. Exchange of mars and mercury makes it beneficial. There fore he will there surely till the mercury dasa ends. Many people predicted the fall of UPA that is not going to happen. Things seem to be sailing smoothly, but our astrologer K Gopalakrishnan expects trouble in the coming years. The details of the swearing in ceremony of Manmohan Singh are given below. The analysis and interpretations are based on the horoscope charted for the above details.

The 9th house has majority of the planets, and also the new government runs the Rahu Dasha. Also there could be many bosses, and Mr Singh would have to face few compulsions in decision-making. Moon, Mars and Mercury are in close degrees, which could lead to difficulties due to coalition and partners. From lagna the 11th lord is in the 8th house and the 2nd lord is in the 9th. From Chandra lagna — the 2nd and 11th lords are combined. From Karagamsa lagna the 2nd and 11th lord combines but shows affliction. Also the foreign reserve and influx of investment will be less.

Longevity of the present government. The longevity calculation clearly shows that the Manmohan Singh-led government will NOT last the full tenure, and it could come to an end in maximum 3 years. There are high chances that Manmohan Singh will be replaced by Ms Sonia Gandhi or by someone else before the 5-year tenure gets over. Note — Many astrologers have predicted a new government, but according to me it is just that Manmohan Singh will not be able to complete his tenure.

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