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A quiet partnership won't suit you and will make you feel lonely and misunderstood. Your soulmate will be an endless open book for you to read.

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Your soulmate is family-oriented, tender, and caring. They are an infinite supply of affection and understanding. Nurturing the home you share together will always be their top priority. A partner who is never home and doesn't value family will leave you feeling empty and hopeless. Your soulmate, instead, is your home. Your soulmate is a shining star to all who know them and together, you light up the sky. They're motivated to be the best they can be, to be important to their community, and their playfulness surprises you every day.

Ivarna's Soulmate Astrology

A partner who prefers to remain in the shadows will make you feel unfulfilled. Your soulmate will be a ceaseless source of excitement. Your soulmate is a hard worker and they motivate you to better yourself every day. They lovingly critique you and help you understand what needs to be done in order to reach your fullest potential.

How To Find Your Astrological Soulmate Based On Your Zodiac Sign

A partner who's content with idleness, who doesn't care how well you do in life, will frustrate you to no end. Your soulmate is as much a coach as they are a lover. Your soulmate is beautiful — and I don't mean that in a superficial sense. They show you beauty, they care about beauty, and fill you with it every day. They take time to luxuriate and appreciate the extra details. A partner who doesn't value embellishments in life will leave you yearning for something more.

To you, your soulmate is the greatest work of art. Your soulmate infuses everything they touch with passion — especially you.

You are their whole world and they get off on that intensity. You have your own private universe together and its the most magical place on Earth. A partner who's affections often seem lukewarm will drive you crazy. A tender sympathetic soul who copes with your vulnerability or moodiness and who likes being looked after as much as you. You shine in his reflected light.

A film star or royal charisma. And you alone in all the world will understand him and see the insecurity beneath the confident sparkling surface.

How to Find Your Soulmate Using Astrology

No other man can move you deeply but him. You try to be the perfect partner. One who lives life and love by his own set of rules. Slow to commit to you but an enduring love.. Desire for peace a fear of rejection. You do not want to be independent. You want to be cherished and provided for. Born under Scorpio, your soulmate is mysterious, impenetrable and has hidden powers. You seek something not ordinary. A power some people find scary.

You also want someone of interesting mentality, who can hold your attention and captivate you. Scorpio relationships often have a hidden kind of love. The soulmate may be a secret, or love may never be spoken of between you, relationship that has its share of walking in darkness but is immensely powerful and will transform you as a person, or transform your life totally. Your soulmate will take your heart by storm. He will be protective. Reliably and sturdy, Fit and healthy and will look it.

Incompatibly Compatible Soulmates

A Honest man, a pillar of the community, good at heart and sturdy in soul. He can bring the light of cheer and enthusiasm into your gloom, and brighten you darkest moment.

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A little possessive perhaps, but dependable, faithful and one who is a success in his own life and a profusion.. You will be honest and open with each other. Your soulmate is self disciplined, controlled and knows what he wants in life. A man you will first respect and then love, afraid that he will hurt you, you are restrained. He is restrained and afraid you will break his heart. It is a working relationship. Practical, feet on the ground, Loyal a help mate as well as a soulmate. Well, Pluto rules sex but he also rules reincarnation. When it comes to a soulmate connection of any form — and there are plenty of these where romance and sex do not play a role, then the position of Pluto indicates a past life connection.

Pluto making a positive angle to these — especially a conjunction. When Pluto is in a positive aspect in both charts this can be the kind of relationship that is inseparable and comes with a lifetime of love and passionate intensity.

Lucky you! Yes, this is very basic synastry interpretation but it can also show that there is a significant connection to be explored. People with these two planets in their charts in harmony may not only enjoy shared beliefs but feel an intense spiritual connection. This is a very good sign for lasting friendships or romantic partners who you feel are also your best friend.

Neptune rules our past lives and where we are going next so he can not just indicate the presence of a soulmate but what you were to one another prior to even getting here! Most on-line sites where you can generate a chart show the North Node.