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Psychic Future i Hey lovely Aquarius people. I hope you enjoy this reading. Let me know if it speaks to you. Weekly horoscope tarot readings from the 7th - 13th October , by psychic medium Sasha Bonasin. Weekly career, finances, health Today the chances of a sudden lose your cellphone.

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If possible it is better to f Please keep in mind that these are general messages and may not resonate with you. Trust your own intuition and discernment above I see a victory for Aquarius. This victory may come with chaos. This reading will discuss the situation and the most likely outcome Hello my name is Tristyn and welcome or welcome back to DivinelyDaddy This is a monthly tarot and astrology reading for the sig Weekly Horoscopes with Michele Knight.

Aquarius here are your monthly tarot messages October , tarot timings being what they are.

To book a personal reading with me Aquarius horoscope This horoscope in this videos is for the people whose moon signs are Aquarius. Today you can have fun experimenting with food.

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Cook something that I have long October presents opportunity for self-expression. After the 28 th you might be inspired to throw yourself into a totally healthy lifestyle. Getting into your body and looking after your physical being seems to clear your head and get an emotional situation into perspective. Instead of being cautious you have a sense of adventure and step right into your Leo power. Hooking up with people that matter gives you a rush of love and a reminder of the good times.

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This week, you suddenly get the urge to touch base with yourself again and think about things that guide you towards a far better understanding of what makes you tick. Anyone who has got used to you sitting on the fence is in for a big surprise this week as you jump off in style and state your position clearly.

Aquarius Weekly Astrology Horoscope 7th October 2019

A friend might reveal something that surprises you but it also makes you look at something in your own life from a different angle. Something will make you want to get your finances in order around the 28 th. It could just be a moment in which you resolve to go and ask for a pay rise or start thinking about more ways that you can earn money. Look at any useful past contacts as they could give you some advice or a push in the right direction. Take time out to recharge your batteries and give yourself some TLC. Everyone will notice your sudden change from playful and fun loving clown to action packed heroine.

Go get it by all means, but make sure you win people over onto your side rather than pushing out from underneath their authority. You could find yourself overcome by a sudden bout of shyness around the 27 th. Take the pressure off yourself and leave it until you feel more confident.

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If they are for you, it can wait. If someone is blowing hot and cold or not in contact as much as you would like, take time out to let them decide rather than giving your power away. Your friends keep you busy this week. Use your intuition when it comes to a connection with someone new. It could feel very seductive but are they all that they seem? Work is demanding and you feel you have to go the extra mile and push through. Instead of feeling stressed and burdened, you could find you thrive on it as new ideas and creativity flow through you.

You really do have more creative spark than you realise and perhaps this pressure has brought it out. Squeeze in at least one night out to express your closeness to someone important.

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